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Blank Quilting Simply Delicious


Food Black Fountain Drinks Timeless Treasure


Kanvas Fruit Salad


Kanvas Wine Connoisseur


Loralie Designs Silverware War


Loralie Designs The Kitchen Sink


Quilting Treasures Sweetie-Loralie


RJR Farmer's Market


RJR Top Nosh


Studio E Marinated Chicken


Timeless Treasures Wine


Windham Fabrics Cafe Au Lait


Windham Fabrics Locally Grown


  1. To get your photographs printed on fabric please follow the following steps.
  2. Compose an email to
  3. Attach all the pictures you want printed. You may have to send more than one email depending on the size of the files. Also note that the pictures need to be the highest quality you can provide.
  4. Include in the email the finished size of the print.  
  5. Also include any special instructions that we need to know. 
  6. Once they are printed and ready to go you will receive an email that will have you call the shop at 605-347-2235 so we can take payment and shipping information. 
  7. The pictures will be printed on 100% cotton fabric and heat treated so they can be washed. 
  8. Pricing is as follows;   Pricing,
    Small to 5 x 5  $5.00
    6 x 6 to 12 x 21 $10.00
    13 x 22 to 24 x 24 $15.00
    25 x 25 to 35 x 35 $20.00
    36 x 36 to 24 x 42 $35.00
    25 x 42 to 42 x 50 $50.00
  9. If you have any questions please let us know at 605-347-2235 or email at